OBA Randall Echlin Mentorship Award

OBA Randall Echlin Mentorship Award

About the Award

The Randall Echlin Mentorship Award (the “Award”) was established in 2013 by the Ontario Bar Association’s Labour and Employment Law Section in honour of the late Justice Echlin, former Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and leading member of the employment and labour bar.   The Award recognizes Justice Echlin’s exceptional contributions, both to the law, and as an influential mentor, during his career.


To be eligible for the Randall Echlin Mentorship Award, an individual must be a member of the Ontario employment and labour bar, a member of the judiciary in Ontario, a Member of the Ontario Labour Relations Board or a labour Arbitrator and have made a significant contribution in the following areas:

  • Leadership through mentorship of junior counsel in the employment and labour bar or judiciary
  • Guidance and teaching through the sharing of knowledge and experience
  • Enhancement of the practice of employment and labour law
  • Contribution to the development of employment and labour law and policy
  • Skill in advocacy or adjudication related to employment and labour policy
  • Commitment and contribution to the community

Criteria for Selection

Nominees must meet the OBA Universal Minimum Criteria for Section Awards which provide that:

  • All eligible candidates must be OBA members
  • Eligible candidates cannot be members of the current OBA Labour and Employment Section Executive
  • The award shall be given to one (1) recipient only each year

In addition, a nominee must not be a current member or a member of the previous years’ Award Selection Committee or the OBA Board of Directors and must not have been a past recipient of the Randall Echlin Mentorship Award. 

Nomination Procedure

An individual submitting a nominee for consideration must:

  • Complete a nomination form
  • Provide a brief summary of no more than three (3) typed pages explaining how the nominee meets the Award criteria above
  • Provide no more than three (3) references (if desired)
  • Provide a copy of the nominee’s current CV
  • Confirm that the nominee has been advised of and consents to his or her nomination

If the above noted application requirements are not followed, the nominee will not be considered.

Deadline for Applications

Each completed nomination package must be submitted (by any means) on or by Friday, February 15, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.


Gordon Lau
Sections/PD Co-ordinator
Ontario Bar Association
300-20 Toronto St.
Toronto, ON M5C 2B8
Phone: (800) 668-8900 or (416) 869-1047 x 328
Email: glau@oba.org
Fax: (416) 869 - 1390

Selection Process

The selection of the Award will be made by the Committee.   

Previous submissions will not be retained by the Committee.  However, an individual may request that a nominee considered in previous years be reconsidered.  In such cases, it is expected that the application will be resubmitted and updated in accordance with the application requirements.

Award Selection Committee

Each year, an Award Selection Committee (the “Committee”) will be struck by the OBA Labour and Employment Law Section Executive.  All Committee members are subject to the following requirements:

  • Strict confidentiality of all selection process discussions and decisions
  • May only participate in the Committee for a maximum of two (2) consecutive  years
  • May not nominate, provide a reference for or be a nominee for a period of two (2) years after the last year of being a Committee member

Following receipt of the Award, recipients will be invited to be a Committee member.

Presentation of the Award

The Award will be presented at an annual Awards dinner hosted by the OBA Labour and Employment Law Section in June 2019. 


Gordon Lau
Sections/PD Co-ordinator
(800) 668-8900 or (416) 869-1047 x 328

Past Recipients

2018 Award Recipient

Douglas MacLeod

Douglas MacLeod
MacLeod Law Firm

The OBA’s Labour & Employment Law Section is pleased to announce Douglas MacLeod as the recipient of its 2018 OBA Randall Echlin Mentorship Award. Mr. MacLeod was honoured at an award dinner on May 29, 2018 at the Law Society of Ontario.



Past recipient winners of the OBA Randall Echlin Mentorship Award include:

  • 2018 - Douglas MacLeod
  • 2017 - Melanie Reist
  • 2016 - Malcolm MacKillop
  • 2015 - Connie Reeve
  • 2014 - Peter Israel
  • 2013 - M. Norman Grosman