Surviving the Avalanche: The Expert Guide to Changes in Personal Injury Law

  • February 06, 2014


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Practicing in the area of personal injury law has become a minefield for lawyers thanks to an avalanche of changes. Significant legislative changes and developments in the law make this program a must for lawyers of all levels of practice. Hear from seasoned practitioners and members of the judiciary as they delve into the changes that will impact your practice. Stay ahead of the curve and harness the necessary information to properly serve your clients. Hear about the most important tort and accident benefit cases of the last twelve months, what's new in the deductibility of collateral benefits, loss transfer and priority disputes, and learn about the latest trends in damages. Don't miss this opportunity to ensure that you have the latest information in this constantly evolving area of the law.


Audrey P. Ramsay, Hughes Amys LLP
Amanda J.H. McBride, Smith McBride Ducharme


Priority Disputes and Loss Transfer Arbitrations
Catherine H. Zingg, Flaherty Dow Elliott & McCarthy LLP

Deductibility of Collateral Benefits from Accident Benefits
Adam K. Wagman and Melissa Miller, Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP

The Deductibility of Collateral Benefits in Tort
Claire E. Walker, Moodie Mair Walker LLP

Top 10 Accident Benefit Cases
Kadey B. J. Schultz and Yasna Beheshti, Hughes Amys LLP

Top Ten Torts of 2013
R.W. Howard Lightle, Weaver Simmons LLP (Sudbury)

Update on the Cost of Care in Ontario: Compensation Meets Compassion
Barbara L. Legate, Legate & Associates LLP (London)

Civility/Incivility - Practising with Porcupines
Eugene Meehan, Q.C., Supreme Advocacy LLP (Ottawa)

Fact Scenarios
Submitted By: Audrey P. Ramsay, Hughes Amys LLP