"I'm Not a Doctor, But I Play One in Court" - Medical Experts and Damages in Personal Injury Files

  • December 06, 2013


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The role of the Medical Expert in a personal injury file cannot be overstated regardless of what side of a claim you're on. It's critical for both defence and plaintiff counsel to understand what that role is, how to determine what kind of expert you need and how to interpret and use a medical report. What about bias and partisanship? Does the other side get your expert's entire file? Learn from an expert panel of speakers, including senior insurance counsel, medical experts, a SABs specialist, and a Justice of the Ontario Superior Court. Discussions will revolve around the latest issues and trends in personal injury and the use of medical experts and their impact on damage awards.


Kristopher L. Dixon, Williams McEnery LLP
Julie Mohanna, Hôpital Montfort Hospital


Retaining a Medical Expert in a Personal Injury File: Essential Questions and Concerns
Ian Stauffer, Tierney Stauffer LLP

Expert Witness Requirements: Who, What, And Why After Westerhof v. Gee (Estate)
Kieran Dickson, Evans Philp LLP

Understanding the Chronic Pain Case Through Expert Psychological Opinion
Dr. Ken Reesor, Reesor Pigeon Psychology Professional Corporation

Medical Experts and the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule
Phyllis Bergmans, Kompass Claims Management Group

The Scientific Understanding of Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS), and its Diagnosis, and its Relationship to Disability

Expert Bias and the 2010 Amendments to the Rules of Civil Procedure
The Honourable James McNamara, Ontario Superior Court of Justice
Carrie-Anne Bourassa, Judicial Law Clerk, Ontario Superior Court of Justice