Accident Benefits: A Practical Guide

  • November 25, 2014


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Need step-by-step guidance through the ins and outs of the accident benefits regime in Ontario? Learn how to properly identify, analyze, and apply the law to various types of accident benefits cases, including disputes brought before the Financial Services Commission of Ontario ("FSCO") and the court system.
Walk away with an understanding of the fundamental topics that are of key importance to the most simple and complex accident benefits. Get insights from our expert speakers on critical topics such as:

  • Recent developments in the regulations and case law
  • What benefits are available under the post-September 2010 SABS?
  • What are the limitation periods for claiming benefits?
  • Minor Injury Guideline and the evolving definition of catastrophic impairment
  • Bad faith / special award claims
  • Examinations under oath in the SABS context
  • What are the differences among the fora available for accident benefits disputes?

If your practice involves any component of accident benefits litigation, you will not want to miss.


Adrian Lomaga, Adrian Lomaga Personal Injury Law
Krista Groen, Samis & Company


Income Replacement and Non-Earner Benefits
Ryan A. Murray, Oatley, Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers LLP
Jordan Kofman, Student-at-Law, Oatley, Vigmond Personal Injury Lawyers LLP

Accident Benefits - An Accounting Expert's Perspective
Zainab Walji, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Medical/Rehabilitation Benefits and Attendant Care Benefits
Alisa Mazo and David Whalen, Mazo Chowbay

To Incur or Not to Incur?: Attendant Care Benefits post-September 1, 2010
Christopher Whibbs, Brown & Partners LLP

Limitation Periods in Statutory Accident Benefit Claims
Lisa Armstrong, Samis & Company

Minor Injury Guideline - Where Are We Now?
Sharon Dagan, Bell, Temple

Scarlett v Belair: A Discussion on the First FSCO Decision Dealing with the Definition of a Minor Injury and the Minor Injury Guidelines
Nicole Corriero, Lofranco Corriero Personal Injury Lawyers

Catastrophic Impairment
Jason Katz and Nga Dang, Singer Kwinter
Dr. Harold Becker and Sandra D'Souza, Omega Medical Associates

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Pleadings in Bad Faith Claims
Maria L. Capulong, Carranza LLP

Understanding Bad Faith: A Beginner's Guide to Bad Faith in Accident Benefits
Leilah Edroos, Brown & Partners LLP
Christopher Whibbs, Brown & Partners LLP

Examinations Under Oath
Michael Fleischmann, MF Law

FSCO Mediations and Arbitrations
Robert S. Franklin, Reisler Franklin LLP

FSCO Mediations and Arbitrations: Considerations from a Plaintiff's Perspective
Rikin R. Morzaria, McLeish Orlando LLP

Review of the Top 10 Recent Decisions Highliting Key Changes in Accident Benefits Over The Past Year
Catherine A. Korte, McCague Borlack LLP
Anthony Gatensby, Articling Student, McCague Borlack LLP

Top Ten Accident Benefits Cases of 2014
Renée Vinett and Michael Blois, Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP