OBA Award for Excellence in Insurance Law

2024 Award Recipients


S. Wayne Morris
Dutton Brock LLP


Brian M. Bangay
Desjardins Insurance
(Central East)

The OBA's Insurance Law Section is pleased to announce S. Wayne Morris and Brian M. Bangay as the recipients of the 2024 OBA Award of Excellence in Insurance Law, of the Toronto and Central East region respectively.

S. Wayne Morris and Brian M. Bangay will be honoured at a dinner on September 26, 2024 at OBA Conference Centre in Toronto.

About the Award

On Thursday, September 26, 2024, the Insurance Law Section of the OBA will present its 19th Annual Award for Excellence in Insurance Law. The Award was created to recognize and thank outstanding members of the Ontario Bar Association for their exceptional achievements, distinguished service and contributions in the following areas:

  • The development of insurance law through advocacy, teaching, writing or legislative reform;
  • Leadership in the profession and particularly of lawyers practicing insurance law;
  • Maintaining the highest standards of professional competence as well as the highest levels of honesty, integrity and civility;
  • Enhancement of the profession of law and the well-being of the community.


All OBA members who are practicing lawyers in Ontario but not including current officers of the Insurance Law Section Executive or the Executive of the OBA.

Selection Process

The award recipient is confirmed by the Executive Committee of the Insurance Law section of the Ontario Bar Association, which is assisted in its deliberations by a Nomination and Selection Committee comprised of the Chair, Vice-Chair, members of the judiciary, past recipients and members selected from the profession at large. Members of the Section Executive and the Board are not eligible for the award.

Members of the OBA are invited to nominate candidates for the Award by providing a summary of the candidate’s qualities, contributions and achievements in the field of Insurance Law under the selection criteria described above. We welcome nominations from across Ontario.

The Selection Committee shall consider OBA policies, rules and guidelines on Diversity and Inclusion when selecting the winner of the Award.

*All eligible candidates must be OBA members.​

Nomination Procedure

Nominations shall be solicited: through members of the Executive of the Insurance Law Section; and through members of the Insurance Law Bar throughout the Province of Ontario. Any member of the Insurance Law Section of OBA in good standing is eligible to nominate a candidate by submission in writing, together with a curriculum vitae outlining the nominee’s qualifications. The nominator must indicate that the candidate has been advised of the nomination prior to the nomination deadline and consents thereto.

Additional Information

Janet Green
Section Executive Liaison
(800) 668-8900 or (416) 869-1047 x 312


Past Recipients

  • 2023 - Deborah Berlach, Toronto and Barbara Legate, London
  • 2022 - Jim Vigmond (Barrie) and D. Keith Smockum
  • 2021 - Todd J. McCarthy, Whitby and Richard H Shekter
  • 2020 - John A. Olah and David F. Smye, K.C., Hamilton
  • 2019 - Glenn Smith, Toronto and Mark Lerner, London
  • 2018- C. Kirk Boggs, Toronto
  • 2017- Donald H. Rogers, K.C., Toronto and Michael C. Birnie, North Bay
  • 2016- John McLeish, Toronto and Wilfrid Menninga, Kingston
  • 2015- Alfred Kwinter, Toronto and Owen Smith, New Liskeard
  • 2014- Mary Margaret Fox, Toronto and Heather J. Williams, Ottawa
  • 2013 - Bruce A. Thomas, K.C., Toronto and Roger G. Oatley, Barrie
  • 2012 - Barry A. Percival, K.C., Toronto and Pasquale (Pat) Santini, Ottawa
  • 2011 - Paul A. Lee, K.C., Toronto and  James C. Simmons, K.C., Sudbury
  • 2010 - W. Thomas McGrenere, K.C., Toronto and Kristopher H. Knutsen, K.C., Thunder Bay
  • 2009 - Steven Stieber, Toronto
  • 2008 - Geoffrey D. Adair, K.C., Toronto and  John F. Evans K.C., Hamilton
  • 2007 - Jesse T. Glass, K.C. Toronto and Eric R. Williams, Ottawa
  • 2006 - Philippa G. Samworth, Toronto