Get To Know Your OBA Insurance Law Executive - Spotlight on Tracey L. Hamilton

  • February 14, 2024
  • Tracey L. Hamilton

Year of Call? 2002

Practice area? My practice area is insurance defence. While I handle tort litigation, I have a special interest in disability-related matters including claims arising from long-term disability policies (both group and individual), critical illness policies and life insurance claims. From time to time, I also handle litigated travel insurance claims.

What attracted you to this practice area? When dealing with litigated matter involving insurance contracts, I appreciate the nuances contained within contract verbiage and the challenges and complexities of medical-legal issues that characterize personal injury and disability litigation. I also enjoy learning about the human aspects of each and every personal injury case.  

Challenges you have encountered and how have you overcome? The main challenge I have experienced is achieving the elusive work/life balance and once obtained, sticking with it. I have learned that if a task is incomplete at the end of the day, it does not mean that my day was not a success or productive.

A fun fact about you? I must confess that I am a bit of a logophile. I enjoy learning new words every single day. I often spend time using an online dictionary/thesaurus to become familiar with new words. I am also an avid Scrabble player which allows me the opportunity to utilize new words by putting them into practice to widen my vocabulary. 

Notable decisions? I’ve never shied away from a challenging legal battle/court dispute and I thoroughly enjoy the workings of oral advocacy. In Nasir (Litigation guardian of) v. Kochmanski 2012 ONSC 4088 the court, in weighing considerations of trial fairness against imposing an undue burden on a minor plaintiff to undergo an additional examination, granted the defendant the right to obtain a second psychological assessment.

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