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Insight from Murray Klein Award Winners – Part 1

  • 02 octobre 2018

Join us for this unique series where past winners of the OBA Murray Klein Award discuss precedent-setting cases in which they were involved, or new concepts and practices in Canadian insolvency and restructuring law where they were at the forefront. 

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Nouveaux développements

Court Call

  • 24 avril 2017

Court Call is being introduced in Ontario to allow for court appearances by telephone/video conference with a view to lessening traffic at the court house and saving lawyers travel time and thus saving clients legal costs.

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Cross-Border Retail Insolvency

  • 16 novembre 2016

The Canadian retail market has been hit with a slew of insolvency filings in the last few years by companies we all know well. There are numerous concerns and strategies of key stakeholders in this unique type of insolvency proceeding.

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Dealing with the Board of a Financially Distressed Company

  • 12 avril 2016

Working with or advising the board of a company faced with insolvency issues poses problems for business practitioners and insolvency practitioners alike. Gain an understanding of the issues, including ethical problems that commonly arise and practice tips for successfully managing them.

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Insolvency Law for Uncertain Economic Times

  • 02 février 2016

Confirm your grasp of insolvency basics and hear how recent decisions and evolving trends are impacting this area of practice.

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