Congratulations to the Incoming 2017-2018 Insolvency Law Section Executive

  • June 15, 2017

The OBA welcomes the 2017-2018 Insolvency Law Section Executive. The new executives assume their roles on August 15th, 2017.  The Insolvency Law executive is responsible for facilitating learning, advocacy and networking on behalf of the Insolvency Law section.

Are you interested in volunteering for the Insolvency Law Section Executive? Please contact Maxine Pun

Insolvency Law SECTION EXECUTIVE 2017-2018

E. Patrick Shea Chair
Jeffrey A. Levine Vice-Chair
Robin Dodokin Past-Chair
Sean Zeitz Secretary
Gregory R. Azeff Newsletter Editor
Ian E. Aversa CPD Liaison
Natasha De Cicco CPD Liaison
David T. Ullmann CPD Liaison
Leanne M. Williams CPD Liaison
  Technology Liaison
Rachel Moses Public Affairs Liaison
  Regional Programming
R. Brendan Bissell Member at Large
Garry M. Graber Member at Large
Alex A. Ilchenko Member at Large
Robert A. Klotz Member at Large
Heather L. Meredith Member at Large
R. Graham Phoenix Member at Large
Sam P. Rappos Member at Large
Russell Sanders Member at Large
Adrian Scotchmer Member at Large
Frank Spizzirri Member at Large