Get to Know Your Execs in Five Minutes (or Less) (Part 2)

  • September 27, 2023
  • M. Imtiaz Karamat

In this ongoing series, we will profile each of the members of the OBA IT/ IP Law Section Executives to learn about them in five minutes or less. It’s five minutes or less because we know that a lot of you docket in six minute increments!


Name: M. Imtiaz Karamat         

Position: Vice-Chair, IT/IP Law OBA Section

Who is Imtiaz Karamat?

I am an associate lawyer at Deeth Williams Wall LLP, a boutique IP and IT law firm in Toronto. My practice covers a wide range of legal matters with a focus on technology contracting, privacy, and cybersecurity considerations. I work with businesses at all stages of development to assist in the growth, protection, and commercialization of their technology.

In addition to practicing law, I am passionate about educational initiatives and can often be found delivering presentations and writing articles on various topics in IP and IT.   

Why did you choose IT/IP and what would you tell a young lawyer entering the IT/IP field?

I entered law school as a scientist with a strong background in the natural sciences and a willingness to explore how my knowledge can be applied to legal practice. This led to IP law, which enabled me to combine my scientific and legal interests, and further develop this into a core admiration for innovation. With IP and IT law, my daily work is never stagnant and this makes for an amazing legal practice.

As a young lawyer myself, I still have lots to learn. One piece of advice that I have been given and continue to value is to not be afraid of taking on new opportunities – you can accomplish a lot more than you think and just need the confidence to take that first step.