9 Questions Between Generations

  • January 05, 2022
  • Jennifer O'Dell

1. Tell us a bit about yourself: where did you grow-up, what law school did you go to, and how long have you been practicing in health law?

Lonny Rosen (LR): I grew up right here in Toronto and only left home to go to McGill University in Montréal for undergrad. I returned home to go to law school at Osgoode Hall, graduating in 1996. I was called to the bar in 1998 and began practising in health law in 1999.

Joshua Lerner (JL): I grew up in London, Ontario and went to law school at Western Law in London. I’ve been practicing health law since June 2019.

2. How did you end up working in health law?

LR: I started my career at McMillan Binch (as it then was) as a summer and then articling student. At that time, the economy was not great and jobs were hard to come by, so I felt I would be lucky to be hired in any practice area. By the end of that year, boom times had returned but nobody told me, so although litigation was my first choice, I accepted a position in securities law. I met my wife and some of my closest friends at that firm, so I have no regrets, but after a year of practice in securities law, I was sure that my heart lay in advocacy work. I then started meeting with lawyers who worked in litigation/advocacy and one of the people I met with ran a health law boutique and invited me to join her practice. I quickly found representing and advising health professionals to be a perfect fit, and have never looked back.

JL: During my articles, I worked extensively with the firm’s health law group where I was exposed to a broad set of interesting clients – from large hospitals and healthcare institutions to individual regulated healthcare professionals. I found it motivating to be a part of work with such significant consequences, particularly when dealing with important issues such as an individual’s professional livelihood. I was fortunate to connect with Lonny early in my career and when an opportunity arose to join Rosen Sunshine LLP, I jumped at it.