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Supreme Court of Canada Confirms Arbitration Clauses and the Exclusion of Class Actions are Enforceable Against Businesses Claims

  • 01 juin 2019
  • Suhuyini Abudulai, Tim Pinos, Carly Cohen and Colin Pendrith

The Supreme Court of Canada recently held, in its highly anticipated decision in Telus Communications Inc. v. Wellman, that business customers of Telus cannot avoid the terms of a mandatory arbitration clause by joining a class action with consumers who are not bound by the arbitration clause.

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Employee or Franchisee (Independent Contractor)? Definitive guidance from the Supreme Court of Canada

  • 31 mai 2019
  • David N. Kornhauser (corporate counsel) and Izak C. Rosenfeld (articling student), Macdonald Sager Manis LLP,

In a recent decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, the analysis of whether an individual is considered an employee or independent contractor is given a thorough review, and brings into question the interplay of previous cases that have considered the nature of this relationship in a franchise context.

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Franchisor's Associates

  • 13 mars 2019
  • Jonathan Mesiano-Crookston (Goldman Hine LLP), Debi Sutin (Gowling WLG) and Maryam Shahidi (Goldman Hine LLP)

The concept of the “franchisor’s associate” is one of the vaguest concepts under Ontario franchise legislation and one of the most perilous for individuals offering franchises.

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Maintaining Equilibrium: The Supreme Court Defines the Boundaries of Good Faith

  • 04 février 2019
  • Colin Pendrith, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

In the recent decision of Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corp. v. Hydro Québec, the Supreme Court of Canada considered the scope of the duty of good faith to re-write a contract, touching upon the heightened duty that can exist in “relational contracts”, such as franchise agreements.

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A Word of Warning to Franchisors: ADR Provisions May Postpone the Limitation Period for Rescission

  • 13 janvier 2019
  • W. Brad Hanna, Andrae J. Marrocco, Adriana Rudensky, Mitch Koczerginski, Lauren Ray

In PQ Licensing S.A. v. LPQ Central Canada Inc., the Ontario Court of Appeal considered whether the mandatory mediation process prescribed by a franchise agreement impacted the limitation period applicable to a franchisee’s rescission claim.  The Court found that the franchisee’s claim for rescission was not barred even though the franchisee had delivered its notice of rescission nearly a decade prior.

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  • 08 avril 2018
  • John Polyzogopoulos

Topics covered this week included franchise law and rescission, liability for wrongful patent enforcement, the duty to defend in the MVA context, family law (custody and access and breach of court orders), securities class actions, and mortgage enforcement. John Polyzogopoulos

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Ontario Court Revisits Disclosure of Leases in Recent Decision

  • 13 juin 2017
  • Pam Vermeersch

In a relatively recent decision, 2212886 Ontario Inc. v. Obsidian Group Inc., the Ontario Superior Court of Justice found that a franchisee of the Crabby Joe's system was entitled to rescind its franchise agreement due to "significant and material" omissions in the franchisor's disclosure document. Interestingly, the absence of a copy of the head lease for the business premises did not form a basis for rescission, in the court's view.

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Mendoza v. Active Tire & Auto Centre Inc. - The Role of an "Informed Decision" in Rescission

  • 10 avril 2017
  • Gillian Scott and Stephanie HenryLLP

A recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice adopts a new approach to evaluating a claim for rescission under section 6(2) of the Arthur Wishart Act, (Franchise Disclosure), 2000 (SO 2000, c 3). Instead of considering whether the franchisor’s disclosure was materially deficient, thereby amounting to no disclosure at all, this recent decision looks to whether the franchisee made an “informed decision” on the basis of the disclosure provided.

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Liability of Franchisors in Human Rights Applications

  • 08 février 2017
  • Daniel So and Sara Michienzi

The franchise relationship, although one of independent contractors, may give rise to a finding of liability on the part of a franchisor for the acts and omissions of its franchisees if certain precautions are not taken. In this article, Daniel So and Sara Michienzi consider three relatively recent human rights applications and the approaches adopted by the provincial human rights tribunals in evaluating such liability.