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Important Family Law Cases from 2012

  • 14 mars 2013
  • Aaron Franks

,em>Hansen Estate v. Hansen(2012, Ont. C.A.) – Severing Joint Tenancy by Conduct It is accepted in the jurisprudence that there are three ways to sever a joint tenancy...

Did You Know?

  • 24 janvier 2013
  • Victoria Starr

Some of what's going on in or related to family law.

The Diner Brief

  • 24 janvier 2013
  • Simon Wozny

In a new twist to the exciting series aimed at travelling gourmand family lawyers, I would like to focus on a single hidden culinary gem in close proximity to the Superior Court of Justice in Kitchener at 20 Weber Street East.

Jeffery Wilson’s Monthly Case Comment

  • 24 janvier 2013
  • Jeffrey Wilson

We have asked Jeffery to lend his work as editor of the Ontario Family Law REPORTER and On Children and the Law to highlight a case each month.

Spencer v. Riesberry: Trusts Trump Family

  • 24 janvier 2013
  • Sarah Boulby

Can a family home escape the designation of “matrimonial home” under s. 18 of the Family Law Act, with all the implications that flow from that, simply because it is held through the structure of a trust?

Did You Know...

  • 24 octobre 2012
  • Victoria Starr

Here is some of what’s going on in or related to family law…