Mental Health and More

  • June 19, 2023
  • Christine Roth

As a Family Law Lawyer, [in fact, as a lawyer, regardless of the area of practice], we are faced with problems of others, and we hope to do our very best to advocate for those who rely on us.

More often than not, the clients’ problems somehow are taken too close to the heart and mind. We also deal, from time to time, with Opposing Counsel that might cross the line in the name of good advocacy.

We face judges from time to time that do not pay attention to the facts and have their minds made up without trying the facts. For example, the man usually is stereotyped as the one in the wrong; the woman is always entitled to spousal support and everything else, without establishing the entitlement, means, needs, etc.; the man has nothing to offer, factually, as to why he never filed an Answer, and the woman has documents to support he is lying; yet the judge grants the man’s motion, without paying any attention to the documents, or vice-versa; you cannot accept a date for continuance or a new Trial Management Conference, because you are in a long Hearing in another court, which was scheduled with multiple witnesses many months ago, and the judge says: “Tell them a Superior Court Judge said you must attend." There was also an instant that I was in a murder case, and the Family Court Judge [OCJ] said these cases usually are settled, so you have to accept the trial date I am giving you and tell them I said so. What do you say to that?! The problems might seem endless, as these are only a few examples.