ChatGPT - Not Ready to Practice Law Just Yet

  • 22 juin 2023
  • Stephen Eaton

ChatGPT-4 (the latest version of OpenAI’s software) scored in the 90th percentile on the American MBE. In contrast to the prior version (GPT 3.5) which scored in the bottom 10th percentile. Despite this achievement, it’s not quite ready to start making submissions in court.

There’s the New York Lawyer facing discipline after submitting a brief with case citations that were fabricated.  ChatGPT has a history of making up references that sound authentic but are merely a figment of its artificial imagination.

For fun, I asked ChatGPT-4 some questions that I might get as a family lawyer to see how it does.

  1. I think my wife has cash income that is not reported on her tax return, what are some options to me in Ontario, Canada to ensure her income in properly calculated for child and spousal support?

Here are the ideas ChatGPT offers:

  1. Obtain Financial Disclosure – Income Tax Returns/Notices of Assessment
  2. Request More Information – Bank Accounts/Credit Card Statements
  3. Employment Verification – If wife is an employee, talk to her employer.
  4. Expert Involvement – Hire a Forensic Accountant
  5. Court Intervention – Order additional disclosure and explore ‘imputing’ income.

ChatGPT goes on to talk about tax evasion and wonders if reporting underreported income should be relayed to the CRA, but appropriately advises to discuss the matter with a lawyer. Not a terrible list to start with, but a little vague and may not uncover cash income.