How to Grab the Attention of Creative Clients Who Aren’t Interested in the Law

  • December 11, 2023
  • Jordan Narod

While working with clients in the creative industry who actually take part in the creative process, such as artists, writers and musicians, there is often a slight aversion to engaging with the law or directing legal decisions. Artistic clients often want their lawyer to make their decisions for them, for fear, perhaps, that legal concepts might taint their process or direct their ambitions. Or sometimes they just harbour a, perhaps, well-earned, disdain for lawyers. I was once advising a photographer over the phone about how to protect their copyrights, when I realized that I was on speaker phone and that a costume designer was in the room, I asked if they wanted to join the call because the information could be educational and maybe helpful for them too. The answer was an emphatic “I’d rather not,” with a notable hint of “get outta here, suit.” For the record, they didn’t say the last part, I wasn’t wearing a suit at the time, and I’m pretty sure they stayed in the room and listened.

But not educating and informing our clients, and making all the decisions for them, is no way to manage a client, we all know this. Clients need to understand their rights, especially when they involve intangible assets. So how can we communicate legal concepts to the, lets say, legally reluctant client. The answer lies in knowing your audience and indulging their interests. Your audience may be someone who would rather not engage with the law, but more than likely, they care very much about protecting their creations and their integrity. Here are five points to perk up the ears of your creative client: