Balancing Rights in Schools with Accommodation Challenges

  • February 03, 2016


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It is difficult to escape recent media stories on the disapproval of parents over the implementation of the new Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum, the growing use of medical marijuana in many forms and the challenges faced by transgendered youth. The implications of these diverse hot button issues for those in the education sector centre around the common question of balancing conflicting rights and navigating the duty to accommodate.

Join us for a critical discussion, as our exceptional faculty unravel the challenges of accommodating disabilities, religion and creed, and gender expression. Through an analysis of practical scenarios encountered in schools, get helpful guidance on:

  • When schools are required to accommodate and how
  • How to address a conflict of rights
  • The standard of undue hardship

Whether you represent school boards, staff, or students and their parents, this program is a must to ensure that you have the expertise to assist your clients to make important decisions about the scope and limitations of the duty to accommodate in these contexts.


Nicola Simmons, Keel Cottrelle LLP
Brenda Stokes Verworn, District School Board of Niagara


Dazed and Confused: A Look at Medical Marijuana and Ontario Schools
Michael Lickver, Bennett Jones LLP
Hugo Alves, Bennett Jones LLP

Accommodation Challenges Arising From Ontario's New health Curriculum
Thomas McRae, Shibley Righton LLP

Which Way to the Restroom?
Respecting the Rights of Transgender Youth in the School System

Grant Bowers, Toronto District School Board
Wendy Lopez, Toronto District School Board

Selection of Policies, Guidelines and By-Laws

Respecting Transgender Youth in the School System