Be Careful What You Say...A Practical Look at Wiretaps and Hearsay

  • February 06, 2016


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Wiretaps and Hearsay are two of the most complex areas of criminal law. In recent years, they have become a more frequent feature in criminal trials. What happens to an essential witness testimony if they die before trial? Just how far can the defence go in getting disclosure of a confidential informant's information? How does the Co-Conspirator's Hearsay Exception work in practice? What are the new developments in the Step Six procedure? How does a judicially authorized interception overlap with the law of hearsay? What happens when your own witness turns hostile? Watch our faculty of senior judges and counsel to find out the answers, successfully tackle these issues and so much more. With our renowned fact scenario movie, panels that are not afraid to tackle controversial areas of the law and a set of papers specifically written for this program, you will not want to miss "Be Careful What You Say: Wiretaps and Hearsay".


Michal Sokolski, Deputy Crown Attorney - Acting, Ministry of the Attorney General
Scott Bergman, Cooper, Sandler, Shime & Bergman LLP
Lesley Pasquino, Asst. Crown Attorney, Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General


The ABC's of the three C's: Confidential Informants and Developments since Debot
Ian B. Kasper, Barrister & Solicitor

Confidential Informant Privilege
Marcy Henschel, Newmarket Crown Attorney's Office

Cross-Examination on a Garofoli Application
Joseph Hanna, Scarborough Crown Attorney's Office

Investigative Necessity in Wiretaps
Alex Penny, Scarborough Crown Attorney's Office

Step 6 of Garofoli: R. v. Crevier and the reliability of confidential informants
Simon Wallace, Cooper, Sandler, Shime and Bergman LLP

Can You Hook Me Up?: The Law of Entrapment in Canada
Jonathan P. Thompson, Waterloo Region Crown Attorney's Office

The Defence of Duress
Dimitra Tsagaris, Scarborough Crown Attorney's Office

Four Cases Regarding Duress and Why They are Relevant
James Nadel, Hamilton Crown Attorney's Office

Hearsay: The Principled Approach from Khan to Youvarajah
Jessica Smith Joy, Toronto Crown Attorney's Office
Elena Middelkamp, Toronto Crown Attorney's Office

Darilynn Allison, Peel Region Crown Attorney's Office

Making a KGB Application: A Crown Perspective
Lesley Pasquino, Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
Julie Battersby, Scarborough Crown Attorney's Office

Defence Strategies for Dealing with a Recanting Witness and Avoiding Principled Exceptions to Hearsay
Liam O'Connor, Rusonik, O'Connor, Robbins, Ross, Gorham & Angelini, LLP

The Recanting Witness
The Honourable Ian Nordheimer, Superior Court of Justice

The Co-Conspirator's Exception to the Hearsay Rule
Courtney Barnes, JD, Judicial Law Clerk

Emerging Section 8 Issues: Wiretaps & Ancillary Orders
Scott Hutchison, Henein Hutchison
Randy Schwartz, Crown Law Office - Criminal