OBA Award for Excellence in Class Actions


The OBA Award for Excellence in Class Actions was created to annually recognize an outstanding member of the Ontario Bar Association for their exceptional achievements, distinguished service, and contributions in the following areas:

  • the development of class action law through advocacy, teaching, writing, speaking, volunteering, pro-bono work or legislative reform;
  • leadership in the practice area;
  • maintaining the highest standards of professional competence including integrity and civility; and
  • commitment to the community at large.


Nominees must be a current OBA member in good standing, excluding current members of the OBA Class Actions Section Executive.


The award will be presented at the OBA Class Actions Section  annual Colloquium program. 

Nomination Procedure

Nominations shall be solicited as follows: by a request for nominations by way of email sent to all current members of the OBA and posted to the section awards page of the OBA website. 

An OBA member in good standing is eligible to nominate a candidate by submission in writing together with a curriculum vitae outlining the nominee’s qualifications, and achievements in the area of class actions law. The nominator must indicate that the candidate has been advised of the nomination prior to the nomination deadline and consents thereto. Nominations are to be made by submitting the required documents using the online form.

Nominations from across Ontario are welcome.

Selection Process

The award recipient is selected by the Executive Committee of the OBA Class Actions Section Executive which is assisted in its deliberations by a Nomination and Selection Committee comprised of the Chair, Vice-Chair and one member of the profession at large shall consider the nominations submitted and make a recommendation to the Executive Committee who will determine whether an award will be granted that year.

The Selection Committee shall consider OBA policies, rules and guidelines on Diversity and Inclusion when selecting the winner of the Award.

The number of awards to be presented annually will not  exceed one.

The Award

A sculpture is presented to the recipient

Additional Information

Peter Guennel, Sections Coordinator
(800) 668-8900 or (416) 869-1047 x 340