Interview with Jennifer Gold

  • October 13, 2022

Interview conducted in writing in October 2022.

Q: Could you introduce yourself to our readers? How did you get involved with the WLAO?

A: I’ve been a Board Member of the Women’s Law Association of Ontario since 2016 and was President from 2020 to June 2022. I continue to support the WLAO as Past President. It was a pleasure to serve as President of the WLAO at the same time as the Law of Society of Ontario, Ontario Bar Association, and the Advocates Society were led by women.

I became involved with the Women’s Law Association of Ontario after the Trump – Clinton election. It seemed to be a time when incidents of misogyny figured more prominently in the media. I wanted to be involved with an organization that advocated for women’s equality in the legal profession. I have a daughter who may want to be a lawyer in the future and wanted to see the next generation achieve equality in the legal profession and not be concerned with harassment, discrimination, or pay inequality. 

Q: What was the process for becoming a Board Member of the WLAO?

A: There is an application process for Board vacancies. It helps if you have been a volunteer of the association and/or engaged as a member of the WLAO. We are a working Board and seek candidates who have the time to perform some of the work of the organization. Our committees where members can volunteer are Mentorship, Membership, Advocacy, Communications, Programming, and Finance.

Q: During your term as President, what issues particularly motivated you?

A: My passion has always been advocacy. Issues that concerned me included discrimination and harassment faced by women and other equity seeking individuals in the profession, the challenges of being a lawyer and parent, parental leave benefits, mental health challenges faced by people in the profession (particularly during lock downs and school closures!), and pay equity.