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Navigating the New Express Entry Program

  • April 22, 2015

View this practical discussion on best practices for navigating the new Express Entry Program.

Citizenship and Immigration Law, Student Forum

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Canadian Immigration Law: A Whole New World?

  • February 05, 2015

Join us as well for an interactive discussion for both practitioners fairly new to the area and experienced immigration practitioners on tips and best practices for effectively managing a range of ethical and practice management issues, ranging from issues arising from the time of retainer, to "bombshell" announcements from a client in the midst of representation.

Citizenship and Immigration Law

Complimentary Archived Video

Child and Youth Issues in Immigration and Refugee Law

  • November 06, 2014

View this program to gain insights from our expert faculty on a range of common legal issues that specifically engage the unique rights and circumstances of young people in the immigration and refugee law context.

Citizenship and Immigration Law, Child and Youth Law

Complimentary Archived Video

Intra-Company Transfers

  • April 23, 2014

Will you be prepared for expected, significant changes with regard to the intra-company transfer guidelines?

Citizenship and Immigration Law

Complimentary Archived Video

Immigration and Refugee Challenges for LGBT Individuals

  • April 10, 2014

Canada has always been a leader in pursuing equality for LGBT individuals within our borders and abroad; however, the application of Canadian immigration and refugee processes continues to pose numerous challenges for LGBT individuals and couples seeking to enter Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Law, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law