Executive Profile: Introducing Nandi Deterville

  • February 24, 2023
  • Angela Ogang, Newsletter Editor, OBA Citizenship & Immigration Law Section

1. What are your primary areas of immigration practice? photo of Nandi Deterville

My primary area of focus is private IRCC applications including temporary resident permits (visitor, study and work permits) and permanent residence applications, both Express Entry and non-Express Entry including Family sponsorships. 

2. What motivated you to join the OBA Citizenship & Immigration Law Section Executive? 

Since becoming a member of the OBA while pursuing my National Committee on Accreditation ("NCA") Qualification I have always felt that the best way to get the most out of my membership was to get involved in the organization. There are several ways a person can get involved and help not only grow the organization but improve its services to it membership. For me, the most important of those is to volunteer on the Section Executive either based on your social passions or practice area. The OBA Citizenship & Immigration Law Section Executive was an easy choice. The people I have met and gotten to know and the knowledge I am able to share and learn have made it invaluable.

3. What do you enjoy most about practicing immigration law?  

I love being a part of my client's immigration journeys. Immigrants are in general resilient and hopeful. As an immigrant to Canada myself I feel duty-bound to help them achieve the goals that they have set for themselves and their families. Even when the outcomes are not what is wished for it is a privilege to provide my services to help clients make decisions on their next steps. 

4. What do you find to be the biggest challenges for immigration lawyers?  

I think the biggest challenge for Immigration lawyers is that many people believe that what we do is easy and does not require our help. The "everyone can do it" attitude sometimes seems prevalent. As practitioners, we are however able to guide our clients with the benefit of our experience in legal practice and practical experience which usually leads us to provide a more wholesome forward-thinking view to making applications and limiting adverse outcomes.

5. Do you have any practical tips for those who are interested in practicing in your field? 

Get involved in organizations like the OBA Citizenship & Immigration Law Section to surround yourself with other practitioners in the field. Like all other areas of the practice, it is also essential to keep reading to have the most recent rules and regulations about your field. Canadian Immigration law is always changing as policies and as such requires continuous learning. When in doubt, first review the Act and Regulations.

6. Please tell us about one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you. 

Immigration is my lived experience as I have lived in over five countries in the world in my life.

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