Executive Profile Series - Khrystyna Yankovska

  • May 15, 2020

Name: Khrystyna Yankovska

Firm/Organization: Pace Immigration Associates & Advisors

OBA Executive Title: OBA Executive Member-at-Large

Primary Area(s) of Immigration Practice: Business Immigration (work permit applications under NAFTA, CETA and other treaties, as well as other non-LMIA based work permits, start-up visa program, PNP programs, assisting a senior U.S. immigration attorney on U.S. matters including E Visas, L Visas and TN Visas). 

Brief Biography: I am, like most of my clients, an immigrant to Canada. I came to this country when I was 10 years old as a result of my parents’ decision to seek better opportunities for me and themselves as young professionals. I did not speak English, but with the help of ESL classes and lots of cartoons on TV, I learned quickly and was a very successful student graduating high school with honours, and university with distinction. I always had great aptitude for logical reasoning, synthesizing problems, discussing societal issues and passionately defending my arguments, so I was naturally drawn to the study of law. For my law school admittance paper, I discussed wanting to practice immigration law and help families like mine through the immigration process, to assist them in making a change in their lives that will affect their generations to come. Little did I know that four years later I would get an opportunity to do my articles in the area of immigration law. I have been helping clients immigrate and come to work in Canada ever since I was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2016.

I practice by a mission statement that I have adopted from my articling principal and now fellow colleague and advisor. He instilled in me my daily goal which is to “help clients improve their lives through immigration.” My clients are those that seek better or more exciting opportunities whether it be for their businesses or professional career advancement or for the future of their families and young children, exactly like my parents did. This chance to help people acquire the opportunities they seek and change the course of life for their future generations is what makes this area of law a very rewarding one.

Motivation for Joining the OBA Executive: I decided to join the OBA section executive the year that I was called to the bar and became a practicing immigration lawyer and member of the OBA and the CBA. I think it is important to get involved in the community of which you are a part, not only to give back to the community but to also be aware of what the current issues affecting you and your colleagues and the people you help are and how you can help address those issues. From my early years, I always volunteered my time, whether it was being on the student council in high school or student club and youth mentorship programs at university and legal aid clinic in law school. Now, as a young member of the OBA immigration section executive, I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful and supportive fellow practitioners who have taught me a lot about the immigration issues and concerns of today which has greatly assisted me in helping my clients, and in turn I strive to give back to the section and hope to make a meaningful contribution.