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Proposed Tariff Increases Coming July 1, 2014

  • 20 mai 2013
  • Rajeev Sharma

Economic Action Plan 2012 announced that the Harper Government would undertake a comprehensive review of Canada’s tariff regime for developing countries. Read about the proposed changes.

Canada: Unlimited Personal No Fault Liability for Directors and Officers?

  • 20 mai 2013
  • Dianne Saxe

The Ontario government argued in Superior Court on April 18 that former corporate directors and officers have presumptive, unlimited, personal, no-fault liability to orders to pay all environmental costs associated with the assets of their former corporation or subsidiaries.

Countdown to CASL

  • 20 mai 2013
  • Dominic Mochrie

It looks like the final countdown to Canada’s anti-spam/anti-spyware legislation (CASL) has started, with a possible implementation date of mid 2014.