Featured Member: Andreea Muth

  • January 31, 2022
  • Andreea Muth

1. Tell us about yourself! (Current occupation, family, pets, where you reside, etc.)

I was born in Romania and came to Canada with my parents when I was six years old. Becoming a lawyer was not a straightforward path for me. My undergraduate degree is in economics and business. An engaging professor at the time (who was also the first Canadian lawyer I’d ever met) sparked my initial interest in business law. But I worked several jobs while in university, including tutoring students and decided to follow my passion for teaching instead, becoming a high school math teacher.

I enjoy finding ways to connect with people, whether as a teacher over (exciting) math principles, or now as a lawyer over (also exciting) business and legal questions. Teaching is extremely rewarding because you can see your direct impact when a student figures out a concept they previously struggled with and builds confidence in themselves. But over time, I missed the connection to business; I decided to become a lawyer because it would use my business background but still allow me to connect with and learn from clients in a variety of settings.

I now work primarily with entrepreneurs and owner-managers to create their corporate structure and agreements, and ensure their growth through funding or financing. One of the most important things founders do is ensure their business can continue growing without them. This is why I am developing a focus on succession planning for business owners, including exit options like a business sale or transfer to the next generation, and the resulting estate planning required.

Outside of work, I am mom to an active 20-month-old who loves running outside, the Wiggles and testing the limits of gravity (and our furniture). Parenting in the age of lockdowns and Covid testing has brought its own challenges as my husband and I navigate working (often from home) and raising a child with seemingly endless disruptions to daily life, but it has also given us a wonderful opportunity to slow down the plans and playdates and just enjoy spending time as a family.