In-the-Moment Mindfulness Practices

Michele L. Walter, founder of Life From the Summit, suggests a couple of short, in-the-moment mindfulness practices you can deploy when the time is right.

2 Feet, 1 Breath (Great for when you're standing in line or even sitting during a meeting.)

  • Lift up one foot, place it back down, and feel it on the floor/ground; do the same with the other foot; then take one conscious inhale and exhale.

3 Ps (You can do this anytime you're going from room to room, when you're picking up the phone, or sitting down at the computer.)

  • Pause: Take a moment and take a single breath.
  • Be Present: Notice the sensations, thoughts, or emotions that are present in the body at this moment
  • Proceed: Respond compassionately to anything that needs your attention in the moment (if you can), and then proceed with what you were going to do.

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