Happy Trails to You

This is the finale in our latest series of Mindful Moment emails - your daily reminder to take a moment for self-care through the challenges of an increasingly hybrid work environment and what we hope has been a final push out of the pandemic.

We want to send you off with encouragement to continue to take time for yourself - small moments do count! - to focus on what you've achieved, what makes you unique and what you to do for others, or to simply smile, switch gears, or enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

We will continue to add to our award-winning lineup of Mindful Lawyer CPD programming, where you will find highly beneficial self-care and wellness strategies designed with lawyers in mind, and to our OBA Wellness Hub.

As we head into the long weekend, we invite you to connect with nature, perhaps venturing onto one of these trails - from easy, to moderate, to "you'll need a canoe to get there" - from Explore's list of Ontario's 25 Best Hikes.