Understanding Your Productivity Stress/Curve

In an OBA Mindful Lawyer CPD Series session on Technology and Its Distractions, Marla Warner and Jonathan A. Hacohen discuss stress:

  • Positive stress occurs when we are challenged by the demands in our lives and believe we have the resources to manage them.
  • Negative stress is the perceived disconnect between the demands in our lives and the resources we have to deal with them.

Your wellbeing requires you to recognize when you feel like you don't have the right resources at hand. Use their guide to better understand your Productivity/Stress Curve.

Productivity graph

Learn to acknowledge your early signs and symptoms of strain and stress. Does your behaviour change? Your attitude shift? Or does your body tell you that you have just gone over the edge.

Once you recognize your early symptoms, you can begin countering your stress responses with the right kinds of strategies for you, such as practising mindfulness, setting limits, scheduling time outs, breathing exercises.

Watch the full program and access the course materials.