Stay Connected

Social distancing and self-isolation don’t mean you have to let go of your connections with friends and colleagues.

Michael Eizenga, Co-Chair, Class Actions Practice Group at Bennett Jones LLP, has been using this opportunity to schedule "Virtual Coffees" with colleagues and contacts. "The connection is virtual but the coffee is real". Exchange pictures of your favourite mug for added humour and a personal touch.

Picture of mug with The Gubbio Project upon it

You can even take some time to expand your connections. Why not use the OBA'S Member-to-Member directory and find someone to contact in your practice area or community. You can exchange best practices, resources and support. The OBA is an inclusive and welcoming community of lawyers - send an email or pick up the phone and call one of your fellow members today.

There are serious problems to solve and the OBA is serious about solving them but we can also offer comfort in community and connection.