Micropauses and Mini Breaks

Taking micropauses or mini breaks are great ways to help manage your stress and reduce feelings of overload.

Here are two strategies that you can use to more consciously incorporate short respites into your day:

Activity 1

Set a timer for yourself to take micropauses and breaks at regularly scheduled times throughout the day. Forty-five second breaks once an hour is recommended. Breathe consciously, stretch, drink water or talk with someone. Notice the shift in your attention and energy.

Activity 2

Set a timer for a scheduled break. When you receive the notification, stop what you’re doing. Let go of thoughts and direct your attention to your breath. Notice your body and relax as you exhale. Ask yourself, "What am I doing in this moment?" and then, if necessary, re-focus your attention to what is important.

Source: OBA Mindful Lawyer CPD Series Technology and Its Distractions with Marla Warner and Jonathan A. Hacohen