Bring Balance Back to the Office

As you find yourself in the office more, are you applying the lessons learned over the past two years of remote work or falling back into unhealthy habits?

Take a moment to contemplate this advice offered by Jennifer Philpott, employment and labour lawyer at Goulart Workplace Lawyers, in an article for the OBA’s Young Lawyers Division on Considerations for Returning to the Workplace:

Transitional periods in life provide an opportunity for reflection, and returning to the workplace is no exception. The last 20 months have been a masterclass in the importance of resilience and adaptability–both fundamental characteristics in practicing law. If you’re like me, the pandemic may have given you a new perspective on work, life, and the ever-elusive balance of the two. Healthy routines like eating lunch away from your desk, taking a short walk to break up your day, and strictly sending non-urgent emails during business hours can make a difference in the workday. 

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