Have you tried Journaling?

Keeping a diary of thoughts and feelings surrounding events in your life is known to be a highly effective form of stress relief.

Given the significant time we're currently experiencing, journaling may be a good activity to pick up. Not only will it document a bit of personal history for you, it may also help with your stress management, process your emotions and give you an opportunity to explore in detail your feelings and thoughts related to the global pandemic.

Journaling can come in many forms. Give any one of these methods a try and, over time, you may develop one more healthy habit to rely on when things get tough.

Gratitude Journal - keep track of the good things in life

Emotional Release Journaling - simply write down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly

Habit Tracker - keep track of the healthy activities you want to keep up

Morning Pages - three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, ideally done first thing in the morning, about anything that crosses your mind