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Sep 14, 2023
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10 years minimum


The Federal Government has announced that it is going to be passing regulations providing for adjudication of disputes relating to Federal construction projects. The Regulations will likely come into effect this Fall.
CanDACC has been appointed as the Adjudicator Authority to manage the adjudications, and to train and qualify adjudicators who will make decisions for parties when they have construction disputes.
CanDACC is looking for a diverse group of construction professionals who would like to work part-time as adjudicators. Engineers, project managers, architects, quantity surveyors, lawyers and others who have at least 10 years construction experience and have an interest in adjudication may apply.
Adjudicator applicants must also complete the following two-step application process:
Step 1 – Construction Adjudication and CanDACC Orientation Program
Every adjudicator applicant must complete Construction Adjudication and CanDACC Orientation Program.  No other training or background can be used to waive the requirement for training. Training for the initial group who want to be adjudicators will take place on October 2-3, 2023, via ZOOM. If you are unable to attend this training, there will be other training offered in 2024.
Attendees will learn about the types of disputes that can be adjudicated, the roles and functions of the adjudicator, how to conduct adjudications, the requirements for preparing written determinations at the conclusion of the adjudications, and other information.
The training is also relevant for people who want to familiarize themselves with adjudication but don’t want to be adjudicators. Those people who do want to be adjudicators, must apply to join the roster once they have completed the training.
The program fee is $995 + tax. You may register online for any of the sessions by visiting
Step 2 – Adjudicator Application Process

After completing the Program, the adjudicator applicant may submit an application package. Applicants should wait until after they have completed the training before submitting their completed application package.
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