Operational Policy Analyst

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
Posting Date:
May 23, 2023
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
Area of Law:
Public/Labour Law
Four years prior experience in qualitative/quantitative research, analysis and policy development.


Our priority is the health and wellness of employees and the people of Ontario. As such, this position may involve working from home for part of the duration of this position. The WSIB model mixes working from home, office and field.

About the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

We’re here to help. When an injury or illness happens on the job, we move quickly to provide wage-loss benefits, medical coverage and support to help people get back to work. Funded by businesses, we also provide no-fault collective liability insurance and access to industry-specific health and safety information. We are one of the largest insurance organizations in North America covering over five million people in more than 300,000 workplaces across Ontario. For more information, visit wsib.ca.

At the WSIB, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • explore many career paths and follow your passion
  • continuously learn and grow professionally
  • be recognized for the great work you do
  • participate in programs that support your health and wellbeing

You’ll also receive a competitive salary and may be eligible to participate in our health and dental plan.

Salary from:  $101,036.37 

Two temporary opportunities for up to 12 months

Job Summary

Conduct comprehensive research and analysis and, based on research findings, develop/revise policies which have significant corporate, strategic, financial and political implications for the workplace safety and insurance system.  These minuted policies which are legally binding are used a) by WSIB decision-makers and the external WSIAT to determine workers/survivors’ entitlement to compensation benefits, programs and services, coverage under the WSIA, employer classification and other revenue related obligations which impact the premiums payable by employers; b) by external clients and stakeholders to understand the basis of those decisions; and c) to define/support WSIB programs.

Lead policy projects to research, plan, recommend options/solutions and ensure satisfactory completion of a wide variety of policy projects which require comprehensive research, analysis and interpretation of laws and regulations; of historical documents; of corporate data for policy costing; of political and economic trends, as well as WSIB strategies, initiatives and programs.  Synthesize information into discussion papers, briefing notes, Ministry of Labour House Notes, Operational Policy or Employer Classification manual documents and other policy related products, i.e. Fact Sheets.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

1. Plan policy projects by developing a project plan which involves: scoping out the issue/problem, setting project goals and milestones, identifying deliverables and associated timeframes for completion; setting priorities and changing priorities when required, developing alternatives, complete with pros and cons, and then deciding on course of action; working collaboratively across business areas to establish relationships and access knowledge resources; monitoring progress of project by comparing completed tasks to predetermined milestones; identifying obstacles, developing and assessing alternatives to resolve problem; identifying best solution; and modifying the project plan as necessary to ensure successful completion and that deadlines, set by political agenda or senior management, are met.

2. Conduct extensive research by collecting, analyzing and synthesizing information/data in order to formulate and cost policy responses/solutions which consider/reflect the current government philosophies, the WSIB’s strategic plan, corporate goals, initiatives and programs and the competing interests and views various stakeholders. This may include:

  •  Reviewing statutes, regulations, case law (trends in WSIAT);
  • Conducting a jurisdictional review of other workers' compensation legislation and policies;
  • Conducting a literature review and critique of pertinent scientific research;
  • Accessing and/or requisitioning data from the WSIB's information systems and/or responsible business areas and/or external sources;
  • Consulting with intradivisional areas and operating areas as well as influential stakeholder groups.

3. Develop and present expert policy advice/responses using a wide variety of formats and media tailored to a diverse policy information audience; such formats include discussion papers, option papers, briefing notes, Ministry of Labour House Notes, executive summary charts, correspondence, e-mails, web site announcements, oral presentations and telephone inquiry responses.

4. Develop and write policies that are legally binding on WSIB decision-makers and WSIAT and used by external clients/stakeholders to support the understanding of the basis of decisions and/or definition and support of WSIB programs by:

  • Identifying emerging policy issues through analyzing new information to determine impact if any on current or proposed policy projects while addressing any problems and/or policy issues that arise.
  • Integrating new information into policy development/implementation while revising project plans to reflect these updates.

5. Act as a branch representative and/or a WSIB spokesperson and provide expert advice, guidance and education on all matters relating to policy issues to WSIB management and staff including internal steering committees and to external WSIB stakeholders (workers and employers) and interest groups (e.g. unions, employer representatives, advocacy/lobby groups, health care provider associations and safe workplace provider associations).

6. Facilitate, co-ordinate and collaborate with the business areas to identify and address policy implementation issues (i.e. impacts relating to systems, work processes and human resources), and provide expert policy advice to assist the operating areas to ensure appropriate implementation of policies; review formulated process; vet/approve policy content for training and communications materials; vet/approve implementation tools (review of procedures/forms).

7. Consult with operating areas and external stakeholders on policy development matters and consistency of policy application to:

  • Ensure agreement and plan for improved service delivery as well as identify policy deficiencies in current program delivery models.
  • Build consensus/support from external stakeholders and interested parties throughout the policy development process while ensuring that their views/interests are considered.
  • Ensure that the final policy product is responsive, fair, workable, evidence-based and cost-effective.

8. Maintain currency on WSIB strategies, initiatives and programs as well as provincial, national and international workers' compensation developments by liaising with WSIB staff/management, participating on various committees such as program steering committees, project steering committees, etc. by liaising with other provincial/state workers' compensation agencies; by reviewing legislation, policies, articles as well as attending conferences and educational programs.

9. Perform other related duties as assigned or required.

Job Requirements


  • University completion at undergraduate level with a specialty focus in Public Policy, Public Administration, Economics, Social Science, Health Sciences or Law.


  • Four years prior experience in qualitative/quantitative research, analysis and policy development.

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion

We respect and value the diversity of our people. We strive to create an environment where employees can be themselves and where our differences are celebrated.

The WSIB is committed to being accessible and inclusive, and following barrier-free and accessible employment practices in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Should you require accommodation through any stage of the recruitment process, please let us know when we contact you and we will work with you to meet your needs.

Disclosing conflicts of interest

As public servants, employees at the WSIB have a responsibility to act in an ethical way at all times to create a respectful workplace and maintain public trust. Job applicants are required to disclose any circumstance that could result in a real, potential or perceived conflict of interest. A conflict of interest is any situation where your private interests may impair or be perceived to impair the decisions you make in your official capacity. This may include: political activity, directorship, other outside employment and certain personal relationships (e.g. with current WSIB employees, customers and/or stakeholders). If you have any questions about conflict of interest obligations and/or how to make a disclosure, please contact the Talent Acquisition Centre at talentacquisitioncentre@wsib.on.ca.

Privacy information

We collect personal information from your resume, application, cover letter and references under the authority of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997. The Talent Acquisition Centre and WSIB hiring parties will used this information to assess/validate your qualifications, determine if you meet the requirements of vacant positions and/or gather information relevant for recruitment purposes. If you have questions or concerns regarding the collection and use of your personal information, please contact the WSIB’s Privacy Office at privacy_office@wsib.on.ca. The Privacy Office cannot provide information about the status of your application.

As a precondition of employment, the WSIB requires that prospective candidates undergo a criminal records name check any time before or after they are hired.

To apply for this position, please submit your application by the closing date through our website: https://www.wsib.ca/en/careers


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