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Jain Immigration Law
Posting Date:
Nov 21, 2022
Jain Immigration Law
Area of Law:
Immigration Law
Position Type:
Associate Lawyer
Experience in Immigration Law Required


Jain Immigration Law is hiring again for an associate immigration lawyer. I would love to hear from you if you’re interested in working a little differently in a way that is mutually beneficial.

What level of lawyer are we looking for? We need you to have at least a few years of experience assisting immigration law clients.

What is our reputation? If you are joining our firm, you will be expected to know how to research - so we’ll leave that to you to figure out or you can ask around! But in a nutshell, we’re known for leadership within the bar, mastery of our field and extremely high client satisfaction measured by reviews and referrals. Our corporate clients include some iconic Canadian companies and we’ve all enjoyed working on famous individual clients matters. In the past, my team has worked on class-action Federal Court matters and we have had retainers with two foreign governments to assist with matters pertaining to their citizens here.

What do we do? Pretty much everything. We have a mix of corporate clients and individuals. You didn’t go to law school to paper-push and the lawyers who have worked with me over the years have enjoyed collaborating on complex matters and offering creative solutions. You will be exposed to many areas of immigration law.

What if there are further covid waves and shut-downs? I’ve been practicing over 20 years and my practice and clients have weathered two recessions. Due to the variety of my team’s work and perhaps reputation as well, we’ve been fortunate in that billings have never been affected and staffing needs have remained consistent without the need for lay-offs.

How do we work? We work from home and get together for a team lunch about once a month. We are a modern firm and use the latest tech to work efficiently. We provide flexibility in terms of work hours. It would be preferable if you are in the Greater Toronto Area (for our in-person get-togethers) but this is not strictly required.

 What about comp? Given our structure and reputation, we are able to offer excellent compensation including benefits and other perks comparable with large firms.

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Contact Name Ravi Jain

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