AI Trial Advocacy: Your Comprehensive Guide to Handling the Evidentiary Implications of Artificial Intelligence

September 27 and November 1, 2024

With the expanding capabilities and use of artificial intelligence (AI) both in legal practice and beyond, it is critical that litigators are well equipped to navigate the evidentiary issues that arise when AI is involved. From AI-generated evidence to experts’ reliance on AI in formulating their opinions to unpacking and challenging underlying AI technologies, the implications of the use of AI and the strategies you need to respond are varied. Ensure you have the insights and expertise you need with this highly practical program.

Through a series of demonstrations and debriefs, our top-notch faculty of AI leaders, members of the judiciary and experienced litigators will share valuable advice on the questions you need to ask and the approaches you should be considering. Walk away ready to tackle the litigation files of the future, and armed with the knowledge and tools you need to stay ahead of the curve in this new era of litigation.