Below are the guidelines for the Ontario Bar Association Young Lawyers' Division (YLD) Mentorship Program. 


People wishing to be a mentee in this program must be:

  1. An OBA member, and
  2. 10 years of call or less or under 40 years old.

Mentees are encouraged to join the YLD section, if they are not already members of it.

Not a member of the Young Lawyers' Division, join now.


People wishing to be mentors in this program must be:

  1. A member of the Law Society of Upper Canada in good standing, in any category of membership;
  2. An OBA member;
  3. Have actively practised law for at least 5 years.



Mentors shall provide mentees with advice and personal support on matters of professional development and practice management, such as work-life balance, career planning, networking and practice tips, providing candid advice, expert recommendations, support, encouragement, contacts, and motivation to mentees.

Mentors are not expected to provide mentees with direct career advocacy or answers to specific questions of law. Mentors shall not become directly involved in dispute resolution on behalf of the mentee, become directly involved with a client of the mentee, or provide loans or investment or financial advice to the mentee.

Both parties will be required to enter into a mentoring agreement.


The mentorship relationship shall last for one year, from September to September, and may be extended year to year with the consent of both mentor and mentee.

Mentors and mentees shall be available for consultation by phone or email during regular business hours, and occasionally in person if possible. Mentors shall be available to communicate by email or phone at least once every six weeks to discuss any issues arising or developing since the last communication with the mentee. Mentors and mentees shall meet in person at least once every three months, unless the mentor and mentee live and work more than 75 km from each other or other relevant circumstances prevent such meetings.


Matching will be performed by the Co-Chairs of the OBA Taskforce on Mentorship, with the assistance of OBA employees who are also members of the Taskforce. All applications will be kept strictly confidential and used solely for the purpose of the mentoring relationship. The OBA will respond to concerns that may arise during the course of the program and will respond to accommodation requests that may arise. Applicants are encouraged to state any special needs or requirements on the application form.