December On-Demand CPD Programs

Do you still require any CPD credits before the upcoming 2022 Reporting Deadline?

Here is a full list of all of our on-demand programming that will provide you with valuable and timely Substantive, Professionalism, and EDI focused information. Choose from a broad range of topics below and boost your expertise in the areas you need most. Plus, you can earn any of the 2022 CPD hours that you still need before the upcoming reporting deadline:

On-Demand CPD Programs

Professionalism & Ethical Issues for Tax Lawyers 
1h EDI Professionalism content | 2h of Professionalism content

Join us for this popular annual program to get an in-depth look at the new rules on notifiable and reportable transactions and the professional obligations and ethical issues that arise in the management of these transactions. Our stellar faculty will also address EDI issues related to tax law and provide strategies on how to address them to build a more inclusive profession for tax lawyers and clients. 
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Professionalism in Motions
3h Professionalism content

Being the Moving Party or the Respondent on any motion can be an intense process with tight timelines, high client expectations and uncertain outcomes. Join this expert faculty to hear some of the key professionalism tips as well as potential pitfalls to avoid when you are preparing for a motion. Whether it is dealing with the last minute piece of case law or unreasonable actions by the opposing party, this discussion will ensure that you can confidently respond while representing your client and protecting your professional reputation. 
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Mental Health, Queer Identity & the Profession
1h EDI Professionalism content

This dynamic program will focus on mental health and queer identity, as they intersect with the legal profession. Join us for an informative panel discussion and Q&A featuring 2SLGBTQI+ practitioners. The panelists will discuss the unique challenges that face 2SLGBTQI+ persons in the profession and how legal workplaces and colleagues should respond to those unique challenges. We encourage allies in the profession to attend. 
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Ethical Issues for Young Advocates: Lessons Learned
1h EDI Professionalism content | 2h Professional content

Have you ever found yourself in a tricky situation but weren’t sure how to proceed or what to do next? Join our distinguished faculty as they discuss their experiences with a variety of unique litigation situations that gave rise to professionalism and ethical issues. From questions around when you can end a discovery, to the use/misuse of without prejudice communications, and how to manage inappropriate interactions with witnesses, hear insights and guidance on how they learned to recognize and manage these encounters. 
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Neutral Diversity in Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Roundtable Discussion 
1h 30m of EDI Professionalism content

Join us for an engaging discussion about why and how to increase diversity in alternative dispute resolution settings. Our expert panel will consider the practical steps that lawyers, law firms, in-house counsel, mediators, arbitrators, government and other institutions can take to increase both the supply of and the demand for diverse neutrals. 
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Litigating an Employment File
1h Professionalism content | 5h 30m of Substantive content

Join us to review the latest developments in litigating an employment law file. Our expert faculty will walk you through both the foundational law and emerging issues you need to be aware of. This year, we take it one step further with a focus on litigation strategy, providing you with the necessary skills and best practices you need to successfully represent your clients at every stage in the litigation process. 
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Work That Works: Retention – Insights & Strategies
2h Professionalism content

Law firms and legal departments successfully adapted to many challenges during the pandemic – yet, one of the latest quandaries is an unprecedented competition for legal talent and retention. Join us for an in-depth session on how to tackle these complex challenges and tailor specific solutions to best serve your workplace. Gain invaluable insights from our expert panel to help guide you in your own efforts in building better, more modern, healthy, workplaces where lawyers can thrive. 
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Advancing EDI in the Legal Profession: The Future – Where Do We As The Legal Profession Go From Here?
1h EDI Professionalism content

During this program, our experienced panel will focus on analysing the structures of institutional bias, and share concrete solutions on how key stakeholders in the legal profession are advancing the EDI discussion. Experts from outside of the legal profession will also share their innovative approaches to tackling EDI issues in their respective fields. Add proven strategies and approaches to your EDI tool kit, as provided by senior members of the bench, academics, diversity experts, and business leaders. 
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Effectively Representing Indigenous Clients
1h EDI Professionalism content | 1h of Professionalism content

Despite the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and caselaw recognizing the unique circumstances of Indigenous persons, realities on the ground still shows they are over-represented in the justice system. Lawyers need to know how to manage the file of an Indigenous client from start to finish, arrest to parole. Join our experts as they share their experience and knowledge on understanding inter-generational trauma, ensuring consistent application of Gladue principles, and knowing about alternatives to incarceration. 
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Tricky Professionalism Issues for Labour & Employment Lawyers
1h EDI Professionalism content | 2h Professionalism content

Back by popular demand, learn from our expert faculty as they discuss how to resolve some of the tricky professionalism issues that labour and employment lawyers regularly face. Our distinguished panel of management, employee, and labour counsel will examine key professionalism issues, including effective client communications, dealing with self-represented parties, and the use of non-disclosure agreements in settlement. 
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Responding To & Preventing Workplace Violence and Harassment in the Legal Profession
1h 30m EDI Professionalism content

The OBA is pleased to partner with the Black Female Lawyers Network (BFLN) for this valuable program on how individual lawyers and firms can respond to and prevent workplace violence and harassment against women in the legal profession. Our experienced advocates will share insights on their work supporting women survivors and helping them find resolutions, using an intersectional lens to reflect the diverse experiences and impacts for women who have historically experienced disadvantage or discrimination based on their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and other aspects of survivors’ identities. 
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Managing Disputes: Strategies for Optimizing Coordination Between In-House & Litigation Counsel
2h 30m Professionalism content | 1h Substantive content

Join us for this valuable program to ensure you have the essential skills and knowledge to effectively manage a litigation file for the best outcomes for your client. Get top-notch advice on litigation management and the use of fact and expert witnesses. Specially designed for in-house and external litigation counsel, this program will provide you with valuable insights and helpful strategies to ensure you have the required tools to expertly help your clients as you navigate your litigation files. 
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Professionalism for Municipal & Planning Lawyers – Dec. 5, 2022
3h Professionalism content

Join your municipal and planning law colleagues at this annual program to gain strategies for managing professionalism related issues within your practice. Hear insights from our expert speakers, including an Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) Vice Chair on best practices when appearing before the OLT, issues of privilege arising in both private and in-house municipal practice, and client identification, communication and taking of instructions with respect to a municipal client. 
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