Widdifield Award

The Widdifield Award is a cash award of $500 established by the OBA Foundation with contributions made by the authors of Widdifield on Executors and Trustees (sixth edition).  The Award is presented annually at the year end dinner of the Trusts and Estates section of the Ontario Bar Association to the author of the best original article in each volume of the Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal.  The winning article is chosen each year by a rotating panel of three of the authors of Widdifield.

Past winners of the Widdifield Award include

2019 - K. Thomas Grozinger View Paper

2018 - Jeffrey Talpis View Paper

2017 - Joel Nitikman​ View Paper

2016 - Joel Nitikman​ View Paper

2015 - Corina Weigl View Paper

2014 - Daniel Nelson  View Paper

2013 - Catherine Brown View Paper

2012 - Christine Perry View Paper

2011 - Micahel Welters and Emma McArthur View Paper

2010 - Lionel Smith View Paper

2009 - David Freedman View Paper

2008 - Archie Rabinowitz View Paper

2007 - Peter Lawson View Paper

2006 - Catherine Brown View Paper

2005 - K. Thomas Grozinger View Paper