OBA Foundation Chief Justice of Ontario Fellowships

The OBA Foundation administers and funds The OBA Foundation Chief Justice of Ontario Fellowships in Legal Ethics and Professionalism (the “Fellowships”).

The 2021-22 Fellows are Prof. Andrew Flavelle Martin of Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University (Fellowship in Research) and Daniel Del Gobbo (Fellowship in Studies).

Prof. Martin will be researching the meaning of the professional duty to encourage respect for the administration of justice.  Mr. Del Gobbo will be studying the professional duty to promote respect for human rights law and equality.

2020-2021 WINNERS

Not Awarded this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

2019-2020 WINNERS

The fellows for the 2019-20 year are Prof. Sam Singer of Thomson Rivers University (Fellowship in Research) and Deanne Swoter, a research fellow at Osgoode Hall Law School (Fellowship in Studies). Prof. Sam Singer will study the ethical and professional skills required of lawyers and judicial officers in providing access to justice to members of the trans community.  Among the most vulnerable and misunderstood minorities, trans people have been marginalized even by leading thinkers and other beneficiaries of Canada’s liberal society.  To help this group –  often stranded without allies in a legal landscape shaped by the forces of glacial retreat – Prof. Singer’s work aims to provide lawyers with the competencies to be those allies and judges with the sensitivity to trans clients’ life experience.  Ms. Sowter will be studying the question whether psychological or coercive harm should be included in the professional rules exempting physical violence or harm from duties of confidentiality and solicitor-client privilege.  Both projects promise to advance the law’s understanding of emergent and important topics that affect the practice of law in Canada.