Unite & Support

OBA Community Unite and Support

The OBA is committed to enhancing the connectivity of members across the province and embracing our strengths and differences to move the dial of equality, diversity and inclusion in a collaborative, empowering and meaningful way. While lawyers themselves are not immune from discrimination and hate motivated-incidents, the OBA and its members are forces to be reckoned with and steadfast champions of justice from all regions of the province. As proponents of fairness and justice, OBA lawyers are well positioned to serve our communities, drive change and support each other during stressful periods.  

Wherever you are in the province, the OBA Unite & Support Network is a community resource for education, collaboration and support by and for OBA members from all practice areas, years of experience and locations.  Here you will find information, tools and services aimed at assisting equity-seekers and allies in a supportive and inclusive environment that strengthens resilience and builds a stronger community.