OBA President Launches Podcast

  • 02 décembre 2020

Work That Works Sets Out to Transform Legal Workplaces 

Ontario Bar Association President Charlene Theodore is throwing open the doors and taking a close look at workplaces through her new podcast – Work That Works.

“Everything was turned upside down this year. Every law firm, lawyer and workplace is having to reimagine how they do their work, serve their clients, and find balance,” says Theodore. “I see an opening here to talk frankly about what’s working and not working in legal workplaces and to provide a helping hand in figuring out what’s possible, how to make change happen, and, most importantly, give lawyers the careful abandon to do their very best work. 

“It’s time to stop thinking big thoughts and time to start acting on them.”

With each new episode, the Work that Works Podcast will take listeners into different workplaces – mostly legal, but also some other cutting-edge workplaces – to unearth the ingredients for diverse, healthy and productive workplaces. 

“I have spent a large part of my career focused on workplaces – viewing operations from both the management and labour sides,” Theodore says, adding that she hopes solutions can be found by dissecting systems, structures, objectives and tactics. “I’ve seen the unifying sense of purpose and desire to contribute and succeed that drives every team member working toward common goals. And I’ve also seen the obstacles that thwart, frustrate or derail this grand ambition in our workplaces. I know there are better ways.”

These “better ways” will become featured resources that lawyers can use to create their own workplaces. The resources, which will be available exclusively to OBA members, will include worksheets, checklists and other practical tools all designed to help with the practical implementation of the new ideas and fresh thinking discussed on the podcast. The podcast sparks the idea, the resources serve as the blueprint for the way forward, and the OBA community – through platforms such as the OBA’s LinkedIn Group – provides opportunity for discussion, engagement and moral support. 

“The podcast and everything it stands to achieve is for every lawyer – no matter how junior or senior, no matter how large or small your firm or practice,” Theodore says. “Together, we’ll find out who really benefits when we make space for change and move past doing things because they’ve always been done a certain way.”

Work That Works is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other popular podcast platforms. Episodes, as well as the resources collected through these conversations, is available at https://www.oba.org/WorkThatWorks/Home.


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