March is OBA Month at PBO

  • March 05, 2018

OBA Members are lawyers who know the value of volunteerism. As the largest voluntary legal organization in the province, OBA members make significant contributions to the profession every day, and this month, they are volunteering to help thousands of Ontarians get free legal advice for their civil legal needs.

March is OBA Month at Pro Bono Ontario’s Hotline – a free legal advice phone service that brings the expertise of volunteer lawyers to help confused and overwhelmed callers develop strategies and address their unmet legal needs.

Throughout the month of March OBA members will volunteer their time to help low-income Ontarians who can’t afford a lawyer and don’t qualify for Legal Aid. In other words, people who have nowhere else to turn.

Already, nearly 40 OBA members have signed on to spend a day at the Pro Bono Ontario’s head office manning the phone lines, fulfilling their professional obligation to increase access to justice, networking with other lawyers, and, most importantly, bringing Ontarians instant peace of mind to their legal challenges.

The OBA, which is built on a foundation of volunteer lawyers, is extremely proud of its members participating in this venture. These lawyers come from a variety of practice areas and career stages but are connected in their collective interests to enhance access to justice for Ontarians who need help with everyday legal problems.

The OBA will continue to celebrate its members and their participation in OBA Month at Pro Bono Ontario’s hotline throughout the month of March. Members who would like to get involved can register here, or contact Pro Bono Ontario’s program coordinator, Nicole Kellow at 416-977-4448 ext. 926 or