SCJ Civil & Family Intake Office Implements Document Vetting Station at 393 University Ave

  • March 29, 2016

Dear Justice Participants:

Re: Vetting Station – 393 University Avenue, Toronto

As you may be aware, Court Services Division (CSD) is committed to modernizing practice areas to support accessible, fair, timely and effective justice services.  As a result and in a continued effort to improve service to clients, I am pleased to advise that a vetting station will be implemented effective April 11, 2016 in the civil and family intake office with the Superior Court of Justice at 393 University Avenue.

All incoming documents from clients will be vetted by designated court staff for completeness and accuracy prior to the issuance of a ticket, including the correct number of copies are present and required forms are being used The initial vetting of materials will reduce staff time lost at the counter, with the goal of reducing overall client counter wait times.  Emergency and/or urgent matters will continue to be assessed outside of the regular queue as is currently the practice, and will be expedited as appropriate.

Should you have any questions or concerns with this new process, please contact Mr. Michael Valerio, manager of court operations at 393 University Avenue by telephone at 416-326-4581 or by email at

Beverly Leonard
Director of Court Operations
Toronto Region & the Court of Appeal for Ontario

cc Michael Valerio, Manager of Court Operations