Why I Went to Law School campaign update: First 100 stories documented in yearbook-style publication

  • 23 juin 2014

The Ontario Bar Association is documenting the first 100 stories from its award-winning Why I Went to Law School campaign by issuing a yearbook-style publication.

The glossy, soft covered publication is being distributed to all members of the Ontario Bar Association and other notables and stakeholders in the legal community.

The Why I Went to Law School campaign was launched in February 2013 at the OBA’s annual Institute meeting. The purpose of the campaign is to get lawyers talking about the aspirational reasons they chose to go to law school.  Looking back to one’s individual reasons for choosing law school offers OBA members an opportunity to express, in very personal terms, their motivations, and to reflect on their ideals.

Story-telling is the oldest and most powerful means of communication. By sharing their personal stories publicly, it is our hope that people will gain a better understanding of the individuals who are part of the legal profession.

OBA members wrote their own personal stories and posted them to a special website whyiwenttolawschool.ca. Some of the stories were then featured in print and display ads.

The OBA published this yearbook to commemorate the first 100 stories and to encourage more OBA members to share their stories.

The Why I Went to Law School campaign has won a gold advertising industry award and earned Canada-wide media attention on network television and in national newspapers.