Keeping the Momentum Going Through Awareness

To elevate the consciousness of gender roles in the profession and to help spark conversations about the societal norms of gender inequality, the OBA has developed a visual awareness-raising campaign. The campaign images are intended to do a few things at once.

First, the vintage aesthetic instantly looks outdated; this is to highlight the pace of change. The aesthetic is anachronistic and gender bias should be too.

Second, the images are meant to highlight the fact that norms of gender bias and privilege still exist. By presenting  exaggerated “role reversals”, the campaign encourages viewers to consider why a scenario looks surprising and out of place in one direction but still often happens the other way around.

There is no “right way around” when it comes to inequality. Inequality is no one’s role, and this campaign aims to move our thinking toward a reality where it is no longer easier to automatically process any of these scenarios in reverse.

Two ways you can help build momentum:

  1. Share the campaign images with your colleagues and peers on your social media networks and
  2. Request print copies of our posters to hang in your law office. We all have a role to play in advancing gender equality in the profession, and we invite all of our partners and members to get involved in the important work of raising awareness.

Request printed copies of the posters with your law firm logo

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