Mental Health Brief #34
Erin Cowling, Freelance Lawyer & Founder of Flex Legal Network



For the last seven years, I’ve been remote working as a freelance lawyer (someone who only works for other lawyers and assists them with their overflow legal work). I am never in the same office as the people who give me work and I rarely meet in person with my team of freelance lawyers at Flex Legal (a freelance lawyer network). Over time, I have figured out a thing or two about working remotely from my team. Now that most lawyers may be working from home for the near future, below are my five top tips for successful remote working:

Number 1Have a Dedicated Workspace

Number 2Stick to a Schedule

Number 3Don’t be Afraid of Technology, Embrace It

Number 4Set Boundaries with the Kids

Number 5Focus on Your Mental Health

Remote working can be challenging for lawyers who are not used to it, however, with some practice, and keeping in mind some of the tips above, you will find your own routine and become very productive at home.