Food for Thought

Mental Health Brief #33
Shabir Arcot, PTS Certified Personal Trainer of Balanced Nutrition and Fitness

Food for Thought

Nutrition may be the last thing on your mind when juggling files and working long hours, but your eating habits can impact your stress level and mood.

How can you incorporate healthy eating into your packed schedule? Here are four simple tips to help make a healthy diet more convenient:

  1. Making simple but nutritious meals ahead of time -- on a Sunday evening, for example – can boost your success rate for eating well when your schedule is packed. Planning ahead produces healthy meals with minimal effort. 
  2. Prepare an easy- to -go breakfast: A mix of oats, berries and two per cent milk or almond milk in your fridge made the night before, along with some boiled eggs.  It makes for an easy breakfast that you can have quickly at home or take to work.
  3. Leave a bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter -- or better yet, place the bowl of fruit in the hallway near your front door so you can pick one up on your way out.  An easy grab-and-go concept!
  4. Always have some healthy snacks stocked in and around your office space or desk. Almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds have a tremendous amount of protein, and dried fruit, such as cranberries or peaches, are a good source of energy.  Note: Eat in moderation as some of these snacks also contain sugar. 

Your mindset plays an important role in making a lifestyle change. Making healthy eating convenient and building your knowledge of super foods can be key to your health, which is your greatest wealth!

The Opening Remarks mental health briefs provide Ontario lawyers with wellness tips and resources from a variety of individuals speaking in their own capacity. The briefs are not a substitute for professional care. If you are in crisis, we encourage you to urgently contact a mental health service provider.