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Digital Assets

Digital Assets

A lawyer can help ensure access to digital assets.

With technology being such a constant and significant factor in our lives, it makes sense that our digital assets need to be considered when planning for the future. 

You may not have considered the value of your digital assets, and what losing them might mean to your loved ones.  A lawyer can work with you, through your will and perhaps through an estate plan, to:

  • identify your digital assets, and work with you to identify the assets that can (or can’t) be transferred to your loved ones;
  • protect the wealth you may have accumulated online such as rewards points, cryptocurrencies, or funds raised on crowdfunding sites; and,
  • protect against identity theft, privacy breaches and commercial losses that could negatively impact your family, your assets and your personal legacy.

Make a Will Month is a great time to find out more, and protect your family.  Here are two options:​