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Blended Family

Blended Family

A lawyer can help blended families avoid conflict.

With modern families coming in all shapes and sizes, it makes sense that we need to consider the structure of our families when planning for the future.

You may not have considered what your family structure might mean from a legal perspective, and how that might impact your loved ones without an appropriate plan in place for the future.  A lawyer can work with you, through your will and perhaps through an estate plan, to:

  • identify your obligations to legal spouses, which may include your ex-spouse, separated spouses and common law spouse;
  • identify your obligations to your children and legal dependents – your relationships may result in legal obligations that you may not be aware of; and,
  • build a plan with you that provides for spouses, children and dependents in such a way that meets your legal obligations, and may avoid conflict between your family in the future.

Make a Will Month is a great time to find out more, and protect your family.  Here are two options:​