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Elementary School Mock Trials (ESMT) 2020 Resource Page

Welcome to the Elementary School Mock Trials (ESMT) 2020 Resource Page. On this page, you will find all of the necessary materials for the program. Please click on each file to download.

ESMT Outline

This step-by-step outline will guide teachers and lawyers through the program. Please note that a legal rights section has been included to assist the judge(s) during the mock trial.

ESMT Outline-English  ESMT Case-French

ESMT 2020 Case

Lawyers and classes will use this case scenario for the mock trial.

ESMT Case-English    ESMT Case-French

Affidavit (optional)

Grades 7, 8 and above are recommended to use this document, in addition to the ESMT Case, to increase level of difficulty.

Affidavit-English   Affidavit-French

Student Media Release Consent Form

Teachers: In the event that the OBA arranges for media to visit your class, either during the coaching session or the mock trial, the OBA will provide you with advance notice. Please distribute this form to each student in your class to be signed by a parent/legal guardian. Once you receive all the signed forms, please email them to or fax to (416) 869-1390. If a student does not want to be photographed or captured on video, please ensure you maintain records of these instructions.

Student Consent Form- English    Student Consent Form-French

If you experience difficulties accessing these forms, please contact